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Everyone can contribute to Placecloud with their own viewpoints. But, we have a special place in our heart for academic researchers, writers, artists, and other experts who are dedicated to revealing the extraordinary richness of our world through their viewpoints.

If you believe you fit one of the accreditations below, we invite you to apply for accreditation. Accredited contributors are marked as such, and, as an accredited contributor, your viewpoints are more prominently displayed within our platform.

We prefer researchers active in academia, with NGOs, or in institutions. We also encourage published authors, artists with a developed practice, as well as certified tour guides to apply.

We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

Available accreditations

If you believe we should create a new accreditations, give us a shout.

  • Historian:

    A scholar or writer of history. We like more quirky history, but all history is fascinating.

  • Artist:

    E.g. an artist with a developed practice focused on history, place or the built environment

  • Researcher:

    E.g. an academic researcher or staff at a cultural institution

  • Certified City Guide:

    Certified city guides are cultural city experts that have been accredited by their own national or city-level official tourist guide association.

  • Writer:

    E.g. a published non-fiction writer

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