How-to Videos

This series of videos covers everything you need to know about being a Placecloud guide: how to create viewpoints and how to run street view tours.

As you’ll see, the steps are easy and logical. No technical know-how required.

Founder’s Welcome Message

A welcome message from Placecloud’s lockdown headquarters in London. Placecloud’s founder warmly welcomes you as a new Placecloud guide, and says a few things about Placecloud’s overall mission.

1. Getting started

A quick video on how to set up your profile. If you’re a published author, this video also shows you how to link to Goodreads.

2. The secret to a great street view tour

Before you create your first street view tour, we want to offer one piece of advice. The more ‘specific’ your topic, the better. Don’t be tempted to make your tour ‘general’.

3. The role of viewpoints on Placecloud

We explain the important role of viewpoints on Placecloud, and how they support your street view tours.

4. How to create a viewpoint

Step-by-step instructions on how to create and publish viewpoints on Placecloud. Hint: it’s easy.

5. Making audio recordings for viewpoints – tips

We recommend using your mobile to make audio recordings on Placecloud. Here, Placecloud’s founder discusses tips and best practice. Hint: get under a duvet!

6. How to create a street view tour

A street view tour is made up of individual tour stops. These tour stops are created using the same process as creating viewpoints, only with a few differences. This video shows you how.

7. How to create an event for your tour

Once you’ve created your tour, every time you want to run it live to an audience, you create an ‘event’ in Placecloud. It takes a couple of minutes – here’s how.

8. How to promote your tours using viewpoints

Placecloud will help you promote your tours as much as we can. But each Placecloud guide must use every available channel to promote your tours – social media, forums, email lists, blogs, newsletters. Here’s how you do it:

9. How to run your street view tour

You’ve created your tour, and promoted it with viewpoints. You’ve sold lots of tickets. Now it’s time to actually run your tour! This video shows you how.

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