Guidelines for recording a viewpoint

It’s easy to make crisp, clean audio recordings on your smartphone. Here are a few tips:

1. Surround yourself with pillows, rugs, sofas, etc. If you can, make the recording under a duvet! Seriously, it works!

2. Wear natural clothes. Synthetic clothes make sounds that the microphone picks up

3. If you can, use a lapel mic plugged into your smartphone. Attach the mic to your chest, above your heart

4. If you don’t have a lapel mic, hold your smartphone out in front of your chest about 30cm away

5. Practice the beginnings and ends of recordings – aim to eliminate long spaces and extra sounds

6. Speak slowly! More slowly than feels natural…

7. Keep it simple. A viewpoint should contain one, single narrative. Don’t try to fit in multiple stories. (Make a new viewpoint for each one!)

8. Express your personality! People don’t want to hear an actor, they want to hear a real human being – you!


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