Guidelines for running a street view tour

(For instructions on how to create a street view tour in the first place, see our the FAQs)


1. A few minutes before the tour start time:

  • Enter the tour room (see the FAQs on how to do that)
  • Start streaming
  • Post a welcome message in the chatbox, saying you’ll begin a minute or two after the start time (to account for latecomers)

To begin

2. A minute or two after the start time, welcome the participants! Introduce yourself and your tour

3. Explain the structure of Placecloud tours:

  • You will talk about each place for a few minutes
  • Participants are free to post questions in the chatbox at any time
  • You will answer any questions after you have spoken about each place.

During the tour, try to resist the temptation to interrupt yourself to answer a question that has been posted! Wait until you’ve finished speaking about the place

4. Quickly show them around the tour room:

  • The zoom controls (the +/- at the bottom-right of the screen)
  • The chatbox
  • The map
  • The ‘Lost – reset!’ button above the map. This brings them back to the original street view position if they wander off
  • The tour stop numbers (bottom left). The yellow button shows where you are as host
  • The dropdowns for supporting materials (if you’ve uploaded some) – these are next to the relevant tour stop numbers


5. At each stop, always begin by telling the participants what they’re looking at. Your first words at each stop should always be something like:

“We’re standing outside…”


“Right, we’ve arrived at…”

6. After telling them what the building is, talk a little about its local area. Use the map if you like. This helps the participants orientate themselves

7. After describing the place, and contextualising it geographically, go ahead with your narrative!

8. Use the Street View imagery as much as you can… this ‘grounds’ the participants and allows them to imaging they’re actually standing there

9. Speak slowly!

Most importantly: enjoy it 🙂