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Crossbones Churchyard

Up to 15,000 sex workers and their kin are buried here at Crossbones Churchyard in Lambeth, unhallowed ground since sex workers were designated unrepentant sinners by the Church.

Winchester Palace and its Brothels

A fascinating account of the rules & regulations, including financial instruments, surrounding the brothels industry in medieval Lambeth, which paid for the erection of Winchester Palace

The Golden Boy at Cock Lane

The statue of the Golden Boy marks the spot where the Great Fire of London was finally stopped. It sits at the corner of Cock Lane in Smithfield, so-named because of the many brothels lining the street.

More in United Kingdom

The poet Swinburne in Putney

An excerpt from “Rings of Saturn”, by W. G. Sebald, in which the author gives a portrait of the Victorian poet Swinburne, the narrative winding and weaving, and ending with a vivid description of his final, decades-long retirement in a villa in Putney, south-west London, with his companion, Theodore Watts-Dunton.