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The Church of St. Mawnan, Cornwall

The parish church of Mawnan in Cornwall has far older Christian foundations than its medieval architecture suggests.

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An evocation of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn

An excerpt from the 1914 guide to London restaurants, “The Gourmet’s Guide to London”, in which the author gives a detailed description of the interior of the Cheshire Cheese pub, unchanged since at least the 18th century, as thought in the company of the great 18th century personality, Dr Johnson. Including a mouthwatering remembrance of the pub’s own ‘pudding’ – a big, savory pie-like dish concocted from various meats and other ingredients.

Farley Hospital and All Saints Church

Examples of the philanthropy of one man returning to his village roots in the 17th century

The Christening of William Blake

The Wren church where William Blake, radical English poet, painter and engraver, was Christened on Sunday 11th December 1757.