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Canary Warf Underground, a landmark of Horror Cinema

The Arched entrance of Canary Wharf Underground appears in 3 horror films, each with its own take on the area and the underground, but the station really shines in the zombie apocalypse film “28 Weeks Later”. Listen to discover which films set here and to explore a deleted scene from Boyle’s iconic zombie horror.

Old Royal Naval College – Backdrop to Horror films

If you have watched a horror film set in Victorian London, you have probably been looking at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. It has been the imagined Baker Street for Sherlock Holmes, a bar for Victor Frankenstein and a dozen more besides. Listen to this viewpoint to discover five of the most interesting horrors filmed here.

Oval Tube Station and “Attack the Block”

Oval Tube Station is the setting where all characters come together in the alien comedy-horror “Attack the Block”.

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Women of Newgate Prison

Described as a “den of beasts”, Newgate’s women were often victims of circumstance who went on to make new lives after being transported to the colonies.