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Geraniums, scripture, and some cold boiled potatoes…

Step into a Sunday School ‘Flower Show and Industrial Exhibition’ from 1889 in Peckham to hear a rather disparaging newspaper report on the children’s exhibits.

The flower shows of Bloomsbury

Visit the window-gardens of nineteenth century Herbrand Street to explore why an experimental flower show in 1860 was thought to be a solution for the poor living conditions of the working-class parishioners of St George’s, Bloomsbury.

A visit to a flower show in Dean’s Yard

Join me on a visit to a working people’s flower show, held in the quiet square of Dean’s Yard in Westminster in 1883, to find out why window-gardening was encouraged by social reformers in the Victorian era.

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53 Eaton Ave – the dream home for a horror movie nightmare

The beautiful suburban home is overtaken by living nightmares in 1988 horror “Dream Demon”. Listen to hear more about the punk-inspired film starring Timothy Spall (Harry Potter FIlms, Turner) and Kathleen Wilhoite (Gilmore Girls)