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Jagonari Educational Resource Centre

Jagonari Educational Resource Centre was a hub for East End women designed by the groundbreaking feminist design co-operative Matrix.

Carpenters Estate

The story of the Focus E15 campaign and their occupation of an empty building in Carpenters Estate to provide a social centre in 2014.

Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge, also known as ‘The Ladies’ Bridge,’ tells the recently uncovered story of women construction workers who built it during the WWII labour shortages.

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The Case of the Brown Dog: How Long Shall these Things be?

In this Placecloud essay, I take listeners to Battersea Park, a name synonymous with the rescue of cats and dogs. Between the Old English Garden and the bank of the River Thames, there is a statue of a dog. This statue was erected in the park in 1985, commissioned by British anti-vivisection groups, but to meet the dog it depicts, we have to look back over a century. This essay, and the dog it is about, explore Britain as a nation of animal lovers and shows how urban space can become a landscape where we fight for others, including other animals.