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Fulham Refuge

Where multiple houses stand today on Burlington Road, one or two of the prison buildings once used for Fulham’s women’s convict prison still stand

HM Prison Holloway

HMP Holloway has a rich feminist history and connection to the suffragettes. This viewpoint will touch on the feminist history of the prison and the current use and future of the site.

Clerkenwell Catacombs

Beneath a block of flats in London lies the Clerkenwell catacombs, boasting 9000sq ft of vaults. This viewpoint will explore the history of Clerkenwell Prison, most well-known for the attempted escape of Ricard O’Sullivan Burke.

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The tomb of Duke Humphrey of Gloucester

In the Abbey church of St Albans, Hertfordshire, beneath the shrine of Britain’s first martyr, Saint Alban, lays a tomb of a Prince of England – Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. But his tomb hides a story of intrigue, witchcraft, and treason…