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Radicals of Coleman Street

Coleman Street during the civil wars of the seventeenth century became home to religious and political firebrands, a hotbed of radical ideas during a period when the world was turned upside down.


From the early sixteenth centuries the area around St Pauls Cathedral including the famous Paternoster Row, were the centre of publishing trade in England. Printers and booksellers working from shops here spread ideas and information across the country.

The Whalebone and the Levellers

This tavern in Lothbury was once a headquarters of the Levellers, radicals who during the English civil who proposed changes to the political and legal systems in what are today seen as early calls for democracy.

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53 Eaton Ave – the dream home for a horror movie nightmare

The beautiful suburban home is overtaken by living nightmares in 1988 horror “Dream Demon”. Listen to hear more about the punk-inspired film starring Timothy Spall (Harry Potter FIlms, Turner) and Kathleen Wilhoite (Gilmore Girls)