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A Scandal at the Mariinsky Theatre

In 1911, when Vaslav Nijinsky returned from Paris to dance at the Mariinsky, his revealing costume raised eyebrows in the Tsar’s box…

Place Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes

How did the square behind the Paris Opera Garnier come to be named for a Russian aristocrat?

The Anichkov Bridge over Fontanka

Pause on the Anichkov bridge to take in the distinctive architecture of Petersburg, and consider how the city itself could thematise looking.

More in France

UNRRA training centres in Normandy – Displaced Persons

On the West Coast of France in 1945, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) requisitioned buildings in Granville and Jullouville to set up training centres for those who were tasked with helping Europe’s Displaced Persons. Becoming an UNRRA worker was, for some, much more than a job but a second chance at a different life. These centres, with a high turnover, created thousands of workers to help repatriate, resettle, and rehabilitate the war’s displaced persons.