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Place Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes

How did the square behind the Paris Opera Garnier come to be named for a Russian aristocrat?

Rue de la Paix: Shopping for Pleasure

Paris is well-known as a centre of fashion and luxury. The elegant stores on the Rue de la Paix offer a glimpse into the sensations of the early twentieth century, and the class distinctions which structured women’s spaces.

A Scandal at the Mariinsky Theatre

In 1911, when Vaslav Nijinsky returned from Paris to dance at the Mariinsky, his revealing costume raised eyebrows in the Tsar’s box…

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Railways and prostitution

The construction of the Trans-Siberian railway increased the visibility of prostitution in Siberia. This viewpoint explores the impact of transportation development and war on efforts to police prostitution in the Siberian region.