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The Hurlers

High up on the Cornish moors are three unique stone circles.

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Whoresnest: the story of the Bankside Stews

Until the C16th, the area next to the river in Lambeth was home to the so-called Bankside Stews, a collection of bathhouses that doubled as brothels.

The tomb of Duke Humphrey of Gloucester

In the Abbey church of St Albans, Hertfordshire, beneath the shrine of Britain’s first martyr, Saint Alban, lays a tomb of a Prince of England – Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. But his tomb hides a story of intrigue, witchcraft, and treason…

St Pauls Cathedral: Reformation to the Great Fire

In 1500 St Pauls Cathedral was a great bastion of medieval Catholocism but over the next 150 years the Protestant Reformation and successive natural disasters changed it beyond recognition until in 1666 it was destroyed in the Great Fire. This is the story of a Cathedral and of England during some of the most tumultuous years in their history.