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The Everyday Heroes of Postman’s Park – A Controversial Tragedy

Recounts the controversy around the death of Fireman Joseph Ford who died in 1871 while helping to rescue people from a burning house on the Grays Inn Road.

The Everyday Heroes of Postman’s Park – Death in a High Tension Chamber

Recounts the story of Constable Percy Edwin Cook, who died in 1927 trying to save some workmen from a High Tension Chamber in Kensington.

The Everyday Heroes of Postman’s Park – A Heroic Freemason

Recounts the story of Dr Alexander Stewart Brown from Brockley who lost his life following a series of unfortunate events.

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The Case of the Brown Dog: How Long Shall these Things be?

In this Placecloud essay, I take listeners to Battersea Park, a name synonymous with the rescue of cats and dogs. Between the Old English Garden and the bank of the River Thames, there is a statue of a dog. This statue was erected in the park in 1985, commissioned by British anti-vivisection groups, but to meet the dog it depicts, we have to look back over a century. This essay, and the dog it is about, explore Britain as a nation of animal lovers and shows how urban space can become a landscape where we fight for others, including other animals.