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The Cheesewring

Hear how The Cheesewring, an astounding stack of granite, was formed.

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Ambergris: or, The Stinking Monarch

An excerpt from “Leviathon or, The Whale”, by Philip Hoare, in which we learn about the precious, pungent substance ambergris; its source-place in the body of the sperm whale and its unlikely use in the coronations of British monarchs in Westminster Abbey.

Gropecunt Lane

Frederick’s Place, in the City of London, used to be called Gropecunt Lane in the medieval period due to its many brothels. As nearby Milk Street and Bread Street can attest, medieval Londoners valued pragmatism above all in their naming of streets.

A little Eden in the heart of the City

The story of the church of St Dunstan-in-the-East, surviving and not surviving disaster after disaster since its foundation around 1100. Expect the devil having his nose burnt, the Great Fire doing its worst, and Samuel Pepys narrowly avoiding a couple of armed rogues.