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The “Shaun of The Dead” Pub!

This unassuming corner building was once the Duke of Argyll Pub, better known as The Winchester, the pub that saved lives in “Shaun of the Dead”. Starring Simon Peg and Nick Frost as two best friends faced with the zombie apocalypse, the film’s stars can only think of one place to shelter from it all: The Winchester. Listen to hear more about the film and the scenes shot here.

Sarum Chase, a highlight of 1970s cult horror cinema

The unique Tudor House on 23 West Heath Road – known as Sarum Chase – was beloved by director Andy Milligan who used it in his 1970s cult horror films. Listen to hear about the different horrific families he placed here and how his films impacted London’s occult history.

53 Eaton Ave – the dream home for a horror movie nightmare

The beautiful suburban home is overtaken by living nightmares in 1988 horror “Dream Demon”. Listen to hear more about the punk-inspired film starring Timothy Spall (Harry Potter FIlms, Turner) and Kathleen Wilhoite (Gilmore Girls)

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The Execution Dock and Blackwall Point

Following a rise of piracy from the fifteenth century, those pirates captured were hung at the Execution Dock, and then had their bodies displayed as a warning at Blackwall Point.