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Did Novel-Reading Cause Suicides?

In 1839, Charles William Bond died on this street. At the inquest into his death, it was suggested that novel-reading had contributed to his suicidal feelings. Learn about how contemporaries could interpret and rationalise suicidal behaviour.

Misunderstanding the Suicidal

In 1793, a young woman in this village, Dinah Harryman, asked for help with her suicidal feelings. Her aunt’s response indicates how difficult it could be for friends and family to understand the suicidal. Learn about Dinah’s story.

Better off in Bedlam?

Bethlem Royal Hospital, or Bedlam, is probably the most infamous ‘madhouse’ in England. Many people think of it as a place where the mentally ill were locked up against their will. But for many patients, this was far from the case. Learn about those who wanted to be in this institution.

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The Hotel d’Italie

Known for its bad food and its worse atmosphere, the Hotel d’Italie is far from the most famous of Victorian restaurants. But in 1894 it was host to one of the most exciting literary dinners of the century – the launch party for the scandalous and decadent Yellow Book. With everyone from Aubrey Beardsley to W. B. Yeats, it was a night to remember! Listen to find out more …