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Vauxhall Timbers

At low tide, timbers have been discovered in the Thames mud south of Vauxhall bridge that represent the earliest evidence of settlement in London – from the Mesolithic era, 6,000 and more years ago.

The Portuguese National Pantheon

After nearly 300 years in the making, the Portuguese National Pantheon now houses the tombs of Portugal’s major historic figures and celebrities.

The heart of the city

Ljubljana, since 1991 the capital of independent Slovenia is a cute and vivid city. It is the meeting point of three biggest cultures in Europe. It is a mix of Germanic punctuality, an Italian or Latin romantic flair and a Slavic Melancholy. It is the city, where everyone feels welcome and homey. In 2016, it was the Green capital of Europe and sustainability is the key for a successful life in the city: for locals as well as visitors.

Together in the future

Yugoslavian communism was more democratic as other communist systems. In 70-ties there was a new constitution written by a politician Edvard Kardelj. Most people think, Tito was a dictator and he decided what should be done. Well, not really. He played a major role and setting the foreign policy, designing the fundamental ideological basis for the Yugoslav policy of nonalignment in the 1950s and 1960s. This man, who was Sloveninan, he was the main creator of so called workers self management system.

Chelsea Creek

A buried river and a lost neighbourhood.