• Anna’s viewpoints will be exploring the literal and metaphorical blooming of flower culture in nineteenth-century London, from the rise of the cut-flower trade in Covent Garden and the flower girls of Piccadilly Circus, to the working-class flower shows of Bloomsbury and Peckham. Flowers were abundant in late-Victorian London, one commentator remarking in 1881 that it had become ‘a city of summer flowers, a floral London, where the beauties of the garden are transplanted to balcony, window sill, and even to house top’.

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  • Joshua is a writer, photographer and tour guide, focusing on the Art Deco and Modernist architecture of London’s suburbs. Since 2011 he has run the Modernism in Metro-Land website and has just published “A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land”, the pocket guide to the suburbs’ hidden architecture. He is also contributor to “100 20th-Century Gardens and Landscapes”, and “The Alternative Guide to the London Boroughs”.

  • Stories, memories, etc. are extremely potent. By placing them in the physical world, that potency is unleashed. When a listener experiences a place through a viewpoint, the place becomes emotionally charged for that person. Not just for the duration of the viewpoint, but forever. Whether it’s a building, a bridge or a tree, the effect is the same: having listened to a viewpoint, the object awakens – permanently – onto the listener’s ’emotional landscape’, to coin a phrase.

  • We talk about Mike Leigh’s ‘wild’ film Naked, set in a real-but-not-real ’90s London, and how it documents that the city is always both eternal and ever-changing. Finally, Tom tantalises us with hints at his next projects: a voyage around UK’s nuclear power stations, and a new book about the ‘plague walks’ he made during lockdown in 2020.

  • We’re delighted to offer Heritage Alliance members 50% off our Placecloud commission on street view tours ticket sales until the end of 2021, for those who sign up by midnight on Christmas Eve 2020. This is our way of offering support to the heritage sector after a torrid year.

  • George and Rafaela range across self-assembling cathedrals, egoic skyscrapers, the pickling of a serial-killer’s head, professional wailing women, and more. We hear about Rafaela’s education in criminology and forensic medicine, and her turn from science to the world of history and culture.