What We Offer

Placecloud offers remote cultural travel. 

  • Remote – from your computer or smartphone
  • Remote – to far-flung, off-piste, off-the-beaten-track places

If you get excited about places – their histories, their meanings, their personalities – Placecloud is for you

If you’re an explorer in mind and soul (even if not in person) – Placecloud is for you

If you’re curious about places beyond landmarks – the smaller, anonymous places where human history actually happens – Placecloud is for you

Street View Tours

The Placecloud ‘street view tour’ is a crystal-clear, live, group tour inside Google Street View – the next best thing to real cultural exploration.


Viewpoints are 2-3 minute stories and histories recorded by Placecloud guides and attached (virtually) to buildings and places around the world. They are free to listen to.

Our Guides

Placecloud guides are published historians and certified city guides from around the world.

Our aim is that our Placecloud guides represent the whole spectrum of worldviews, cultures, languages and dialects the world has to offer.

Our Mission

We have a dual mission:

  1. to reveal the cultural significance of the millions of places that surround us, great and small;
  2. to provide remote access to those places for those who can’t reach them in person.

Who we are

George, Placecloud’s founder, is an entrepreneur operating in the cultural sphere. His passion is for harnessing the power of grassroots cultural organisations and individuals (writers, academics, artists, museums, archives) on a wider societal scale for the public good. George has a deep interest in ‘place’ – the built and natural environment – and its role in human culture.

Babak, Placecloud’s creator, was working in ICT4D before it had a name (2001), and never really left it. He brought photomarathons to Africa (2007) and won the Highway Africa new media award (2007) with Ismail Farouk. Work of his has been selected for, and won, many global awards, including the UN World Summit Award (2012, 2017) and the Prêmio Jornalístico Vladimir Herzog de Anistia e Direitos Humanos (2016); Work of his has been nominated for the Gabriel García Márquez award (2016) and the Prêmio Petrobras de Jornalismo (2016).