Apply to be a PLACECLOUD Expert


We invite cultural researchers of all kinds to apply become Placecloud experts. The platform allows you to generate income in a format – viewpoints – that has been specifically designed for the communication of the cultural dimension of the built environment.

We encourage applications from across the whole spectrum of the humanities. No matter how niche your area, apply below and we’ll get back to you within a day.

To start running street view tours on Placecloud, apply to become a Placecloud guide by filling in the form below. We’ll get back to you within a day.

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Who can apply to be a Placecloud expert?

Any expert in a field relevant to Placecloud, for example:

  • An academic researcher interested in place through the lens of their discipline – e.g. an archaeologist, ethnographer, historian, geographer, etc.
  • A published author of history, literary nonfiction, travel, biography, etc.
  • A local historian associated with a local history organisation
  • An independent historian

If you are an institution or organisation (e.g. a museum, archive, gallery, historical memory organisation, heritage NGO, literary society, etc.) and would like to start publishing viewpoints, please email george [at] placecloud [ dot] io for more info.

First, register on Placecloud, then apply to be an expert.

Once approved, you can fill out your Profile.

Then, create your first viewpoint using our step-by-step viewpoint builder. It’s easy to use.

Once you’re happy with your first viewpoint you’ll be able to submit it to us for vetting. We’ll be notified and will have a listen/look. We’ll give you feedback on the viewpoint. This won’t be on the content so much as the audio quality. We just need to ensure the audio is clear, easy to follow, and as free as possible of extraneous sounds. Here are tips on how to achieve this.

Once both parties are happy with the viewpoint, we’ll mark you as ‘vetted’. You’ll then be free to continue to create as many viewpoints as you wish, whenever you wish.

Absolutely not. We built Placecloud to be simple to use for anyone, regardless of their level of technology know-how. Everything is done inside Placecloud – you won’t need anything except a smartphone or computer.

Viewpoints are short (3-20 minutes) podcasts about places. Their purpose is to bring a place to life. They may contain knowledge, memory or imagination. Viewpoints are made by cultural experts operating in many different fields and disciplines.

A ‘place’ may be a building, a tree, a park bench, the corner of a field, the turn in a lane, a street corner. No place is out of bounds on Placecloud.

From a technical point of view, viewpoints are simply audio recordings combined with GPS co-ordinates, images and (where available) Google Street View imagery.