What is a viewpoint?

A viewpoint is a short audio recording about a building or other kind of place.

A viewpoint is a window into some aspect of the building’s life. It may be the story of something that happened there, or a phase in the building’s life, or the story of someone who lived there. Maybe it talks about the building’s architectural details. 

Viewpoints bring our surroundings to life. They are offered free to the public. If you have written a book, or are running a street view tour, these will be visually advertised at the bottom of the viewpoint. Viewpoints are a fantastic way to share your knowledge with your audience, and grow your audience.

The more viewpoints you publish and share, the more you promote your underlying assets – such books, website, and Placecloud street view tours. If you are planning a street view tour, be sure to plan many viewpoints, too.

Here’s a short video on the role of viewpoints on Placecloud:

Audio Content

  • Specific, particular, niche story (not general overview)
  • Not generally known
  • Easy to follow
  • Human-scale

Audio Quality

  • Clean, clear audio (recorded surrounded by soft furnishings – see Guidelines)
  • No background sounds before, during or after speaking
  • Slow speaking
  • No mouth sounds


  • Crisp, clear Google Street View imagery
  • Crisp, clear photographs
  1. First, check out our Guidelines for recording a viewpoint
  2. Then make the audio recording via Recordings on My Dashboard. We recommend that you use a smartphone, rather than desktop, for this
  3. Then, create a New Place, making sure to select the ‘viewpoint’ option
  4. In the audio section, choose the audio you have just made
  5. Fill in the remaining sections, and publish!

This video shows you how to do it:

  1. Having published your viewpoint, find it on the viewpoints page
  2. Press the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the viewpoint
  3. Select “URL”
  4. This takes you to the viewpoint’s own page
  5. On this page, you will see the viewpoint’s URL in the browser
  6. Copy it, and paste it wherever you want to share your viewpoint, e.g.:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Emails
    • Forums
    • Blogs

Here’s a video showing you how to promote your street view tours using viewpoints:

Street view tours are live tours ‘inside’ Google Street View. You, as host, appear in a live video stream, and there’s a chatbox for audience Q&A. Along with viewpoints, street view tours enable you to tell the stories of places for your audience.

To create your street view tour, follow these steps:

  1. First, for each location in your tour, create a new Place (via New Place). Remember to choose “tour stop” (not “viewpoint”) for these Places
  2. Once you have created a Place for all the locations in your tour, create a new tour via New Street View Tour

Here’s an explanatory video:

This is your choice. 

You could run short tours, maybe 20 minutes, with three stops. This short tour could be run at lunchtime or in the afternoon – a nice break for people at work. These could be cheaper, maybe £3-5 (or currency equivalent).

Or, you could run longer tours of 45-60 minutes. This could be, for example, 5 stops of 10 minutes each (5 minutes of you talking, and 5 minutes of Questions & Answers). This could be run in the evenings, and be more expensive, maybe £10-15 (or currency equivalent).

Remember to think about the timezone of your intended audience when planning the time of day you will run your tours.

Yes you can, but what you say must be different. Since the public are paying for your tours, it’s unfair to charge them to hear the same story about a place as you are offering for free in a viewpoint.

There are a finite number of places in the world, but there are an infinite number of things we can say about them. The same building may yield many different stories and histories from many different points of view. Different people see places in different ways. That is the beauty of human culture!

So, as long as what you are saying in a street view tour is not being said in a viewpoint, you’re fine.

Whenever you want to run your street view tour, you create and publish an event for it. This event has its own page where people can buy tickets. These are the steps:

  1. Go to My Events and press New Event
  2. Select the tour you’ve already created
  3. Fill in the sections
  1. Check out our Guidelines for running a street view tour
  2. A few minutes before the start, go to your event page via My Events
  3. Go into the tour room by pressing the “Tour room” button
  4. Once inside the tour room, press “start streaming” – this will open the live video stream
  5. Write a message in the chatbox welcoming everyone, and saying you’ll begin a minute or two after the start time, to allow for latecomers
  6. A minute or two after the start time, begin your tour
  7. Enjoy it!! 

If you haven’t sold any tickets to the event, simply go to your event in My Events, and press the little red ‘bin’ icon. This will simply delete the event.

If you’ve already sold tickets, it is more complicated. Go to My Events, and you’ll see that the ‘bin’ has changed into a ‘cancel event’. If you’ve decided that you really have to cancel the event, despite having sold tickets, press it.

This sends a message to the Placecloud admin. We will communicate with you via email. We will get in contact with ticket holders, and offer them a refund. Then, once all ticket holders are happy, we’ll cancel the event for you.