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Place Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes

How did the square behind the Paris Opera Garnier come to be named for a Russian aristocrat?

Rue de la Paix: Shopping for Pleasure

Paris is well-known as a centre of fashion and luxury. The elegant stores on the Rue de la Paix offer a glimpse into the sensations of the early twentieth century, and the class distinctions which structured women’s spaces.

The Anichkov Bridge over Fontanka

Pause on the Anichkov bridge to take in the distinctive architecture of Petersburg, and consider how the city itself could thematise looking.

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Denouncing ‘secret prostitutes’ in late imperial St Petersburg

What was a secret prostitute and why did the tsarist police deem them so concerning? This viewpoint answers these questions by examining an anonymous denunciation of a woman living at 25 Bol’shoi Prospekt in St Petersburg that was sent to the city police in 1905.