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Voodoo horror at Blackheath Park

Grassy Blackheath Park – just north of Greenwich Park – is also the location of a voodoo exorcism in the 2004 cult horror “London Voodoo”.

St Anne’s, Limehouse: The Church from “28 Days Later”

In “28 Days Later” bike courier Jim awakens from a coma and finds himself in deserted London, beginning a walk that leads him to St. Anne’s church and the horrors inside.

53 Eaton Ave – the dream home for a horror movie nightmare

The beautiful suburban home is overtaken by living nightmares in 1988 horror “Dream Demon”. Listen to hear more about the punk-inspired film starring Timothy Spall (Harry Potter FIlms, Turner) and Kathleen Wilhoite (Gilmore Girls)

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An undertaker is robbed.

The story of Philip Baron, an undertaker who was robbed near the watch house in Holborn.