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Jonathan’s Coffee House: a financial revolution (coffee trail 4)

Jonathan’s Coffee House was at the heart of what has been dubbed ‘the financial revolution’ in late seventeenth-century London. It was home to the stock-jobbers, the scene of the 1720 South Sea Bubble, and the beginning of London’s Stock Exchange.

Button’s Coffee House: a new way to socialise (coffee trail 3)

Home to London’s wits, Button’s Coffee House held a vision for a new way to socialise and the improvement of society via the ideal coffeehouse. To achieve it, they enlisted the help of a lion to root out the city’s misdemeanours.

Garraway’s Coffee House: a new social space (coffee trail 2)

New coffeehouses brought not just a new drink to drink, but a new social space away from courts and universities. If you had visited in the late seventeenth century you would have heard financial deals and the latest news from across the globe. If you went to Garraway’s Coffee House in Change Alley, you may have also seen the latest scientific experiments, from tests on gases to animal dissections.

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The Hotel d’Italie

Known for its bad food and its worse atmosphere, the Hotel d’Italie is far from the most famous of Victorian restaurants. But in 1894 it was host to one of the most exciting literary dinners of the century – the launch party for the scandalous and decadent Yellow Book. With everyone from Aubrey Beardsley to W. B. Yeats, it was a night to remember! Listen to find out more …