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Old Royal Naval College – Backdrop to Horror films

If you have watched a horror film set in Victorian London, you have probably been looking at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. It has been the imagined Baker Street for Sherlock Holmes, a bar for Victor Frankenstein and a dozen more besides. Listen to this viewpoint to discover five of the most interesting horrors filmed here.

The Mystery of Scotland Yard in Horror Cinema

Scotland Yard has been in horror films since Sherlock Holmes and the “Quatermass” trilogy, but were any actually filmed at the Yard? And what is the Yard’s famous Black Museum? Listen to hear about the three locations of Scotland Yard in London’s film history, the horror films inspired by the Yard’s Black Museum, and about the strange shift away from Scotland Yard in recent horror history. Includes a highlight of Edgar Wright’s 2006 “Hot Fuzz”

Oval Tube Station and “Attack the Block”

Oval Tube Station is the setting where all characters come together in the alien comedy-horror “Attack the Block”.

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The Blackfriars Ring

The Ring was one of the hubs of working-class sporting life in London, encapsulating the allegiances and rivalries of sport in the capital.