Clare Booker

We’re delighted to welcome artist and researcher Clare Booker to Placecloud, with a series of experimental “Airport Viewpoints”.

Clare is a painter, experimental filmmaker and human geographer, exploring how spatial experience can be visually represented. Her art practice is focused on how the methods of collage and montage can represent the spatial collisions and transitions experienced whilst occupying and navigating public spaces, both actual and virtual. She is currently working towards a PHD in Human Geography, at Royal Holloway, University of London, where her research focuses on the space and place of airports. She looks at these spaces via the technological gaze, using surveillance technologies such as Google Earth, Street View, Webcams, and own and appropriated video footage, as both a method to explore and observe, and as a visual method in which to generate new responses to the space.

Airport Viewpoints

In Clare’s own words:

Airport Viewpoints are a series of short experimental artworks, which present an exploration of airport space and experience.  The viewpoints, in the form of sound and image, are an assemblage of my own observations as I navigate around multiple airport spatial zones via Google Street View.  I explore various different airports, starting with Gatwick, London.  As I occupy each space, I gather and assemble observations and imagery, collaging and fusing them together to generate a text to speech narrative to accompany the filmic journey, as a way of representing the experience of spatial disorientation within the airport.  

Airport Viewpoints attempt to address the struggle to stabilize the airport and to visualize the ongoing spatial collisions and fusions, experienced whilst in an actual airport.  The aim is also to explore how navigating through this digital interface can offer new ways of seeing and experiencing the airport, and how these digital experiences help me examine consistencies but also inconsistencies with the experience of being in the physical airport space.”

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