Marketing tips

Viewpoints need to travel out into the internet to work their magic – and they need our help to do it! 

The Placecloud team will be working all out on marketing, but we’re small fry compared to the combined might of our Placecloud experts. And so we ask you to do everything you can to promote viewpoints: your own, and those of your fellow experts. This is how we’ll grow.

Below are some tips on marketing your viewpoints. Please do consider doing as many of them as you can: you’ll be maximising engagement, maximising your income, and helping Placecloud grow. Win win win!

Happy marketing 🙂

Every viewpoint has its own URL (i.e. web page address) that can be shared. To find it, when looking at a viewpoint, press the share button. You will see the link, and can copy it with the copy button.

1. Share your viewpoints with friends and colleagues

Send the URL of your viewpoints to friends and colleagues that you think will enjoy them. These people are likely to be prime Placecloud lovers, and so this small step is very, very powerful. Send them via a group email, or WhatsApp, or however you like. Ask them to send them on to their friends. This word-of-mouth virtuous circle is easily the most important growth process.

2. Display your Placecloud profile page URL on your social media profiles

Your own Placecloud profile page is an excellent place for visitors to land on. It has a map of all your viewpoints, a bio, and links onwards to your other online presences (e.g. university profile; personal website). It has it all. We encourage you to display your Placecloud profile URL on your Twitter bio, Facebook bio, Instagram bio, etc. This will maximise traffic to your viewpoints.

3. Regularly post viewpoints on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – yours and others’

By posting links to viewpoints on your social media channels regularly you’ll give all of your followers a chance to listen to your wonderful stuff. By posting other experts’ viewpoints as well you’ll be helping them and you. Placecloud is a wonderful community of fascinating experts, and we encourage you all to become friends!

4. Tell relevant organisations about your viewpoints

Your viewpoints will be of interest to many cultural organisations, from the larger museums, libraries, archives and other institutions, to smaller societies, groups, websites, online magazines and newspapers. Doubtless you know several organisations relevant to your own particular research. They will all be very keen to hear your viewpoints, and to tell their audiences about them. But they need to be informed! Simply send them links to your viewpoints via email or social media, and ask them to share them with their audiences.

How does this work?

Placecloud shows you sites of significance through short podcasts ("viewpoints"). We particularly value contributions from academics, writers, artists, certified city guides, and other experts.

How to enjoy Placecloud
  1. Have a look around in Street View . Check out the map  for context.
  2. Press , put your phone back in your pocket, and enjoy .
  3. If you like a place, press and it'll be saved in your places for a future visit.
  4. Move on to the next viewpoint when you're ready .
  5. Contribute your own viewpoints by pressing .

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