Marianna Janowicz

We’re excited to announce the arrival of a new Placecloud expert, soon to publish a slew of viewpoints marking the realm where gender equality and architecture meet. Marianna Janowicz is an architect, researcher and member of feminist design collective Edit. Her project about foraging and rights to land was selected for the main exhibition at Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2019 and her writing on subjects around space and social justice has appeared in Open City blog, Eyesore Magazine and BUM Editions Journal. Marianna is also a research assistant at London Metropolitan University and studies part-time for an MA in Architectural History at the Bartlett, UCL. Most recently Edit has designed ‘How We Live Now,’ an exhibition on the work of the feminist architectural co-operative Matrix, which is currently open at the Barbican Centre.

Marianna’s incoming viewpoints:

Vanbrugh Estate

By Chamberlin Powell & Bon – modernist development by the architects of the Barbican and Golden Lane, which prioritises communal external spaces, complete with outdoor laundry drying infrastructure.

Park Street (Parkway) ladies’ toilets, Camden

Public facilities which tell the story of women’s campaign for inclusive toilets.

Jagonari Educational Resource Centre

A hub for East End women designed by the groundbreaking feminist design co-operative Matrix.

Kensal House

A pioneering modern public housing project devised for working class families by architect Maxwell Fry and housing consultant Elizabeth Denby.

Dawson’s Heights

South East London’s beacon on a hill overlooking the city, the project is a triumph of council housing designed by Kate Mackintosh when she was only 26 and working for Southwark Council.

Murrain Road

In King’s Crescent estate – muf architecture/art designed a play street for people of all ages near Clissold Park, as part of the wider estate regeneration project.

Waterloo Bridge

Also known as ‘The Ladies’ Bridge’ tells the recently uncovered story of women construction workers who built it during the WWII labour shortages.

East End Women’s Museum

The only museum dedicated to women’s history in England. It was founded in 2015 as a positive protest against the ‘Jack the Ripper Museum’ in Cable Street. A permanent building is set to open in Barking in 2021 – 2022.

Burlington Arcade

The concept of feminist marxist architectural history is explored through Jane Rendell’s writing on Burlington Arcade.

Carpenters Estate (Focus E15 campaign)

The story of the Focus E15 campaign and their occupation of an empty building in Carpenters Estate to provide a social centre in 2014. 

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