The Power of Viewpoints

Stories, memories, etc. are extremely potent. By placing them in the physical world, that potency is unleashed. When a listener experiences a place through a viewpoint, the place becomes emotionally charged for that person. Not just for the duration of the viewpoint, but forever. Whether it’s a building, a bridge or a tree, the effect is the same: having listened to a viewpoint, the object awakens – permanently – onto the listener’s ’emotional landscape’, to coin a phrase.

Placecloud Interview #2: Face Marks

We talk about Mike Leigh’s ‘wild’ film Naked, set in a real-but-not-real ’90s London, and how it documents that the city is always both eternal and ever-changing. Finally, Tom tantalises us with hints at his next projects: a voyage around UK’s nuclear power stations, and a new book about the ‘plague walks’ he made during lockdown in 2020.

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