The Power of Viewpoints

Stories, memories, etc. are extremely potent. By placing them in the physical world, that potency is unleashed. When a listener experiences a place through a viewpoint, the place becomes emotionally charged for that person. Not just for the duration of the viewpoint, but forever. Whether it’s a building, a bridge or a tree, the effect is the same: having listened to a viewpoint, the object awakens – permanently – onto the listener’s ’emotional landscape’, to coin a phrase.

How does this work?

Placecloud shows you sites of significance through short podcasts ("viewpoints"). We particularly value contributions from academics, writers, artists, certified city guides, and other experts.

How to enjoy Placecloud
  1. Have a look around in Street View . Check out the map  for context.
  2. Press , put your phone back in your pocket, and enjoy .
  3. If you like a place, press and it'll be saved in your places for a future visit.
  4. Move on to the next viewpoint when you're ready .
  5. Contribute your own viewpoints by pressing .

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