What is a Placecloud event?

We run live events that we call 'street view tours'. They combine Google's Street View technology with a live video stream and interactive chat - an online group cultural city tour

09 Jun

George’s demo tour

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Placecloud’s founder does a quick 20 minute demo of the live virtual tour technology for cultural specialists.

On this tour

  • Exclusive

    17 South Molton Street

    William Blake's last surviving London residence

  • Exclusive

    Inside Westminster Abbey

    The interior of Westminster Abbey

  • Exclusive

    Bramfield Road

    In London's South-West

George Fort

George is driven by the potential to harness the power latent in grassroots culture - writers, scholars, artists, independent museums, archives - on a wider societal scale for the public good. Placecloud aims to reveal the cultural significance of ordinary places as a means of fostering a deeper connection to our surroundings. George has a deep interest in 'place' - the built and natural environment - and its vital contribution to human culture.

Date and time

09 Jun