The only constant is change

Since taking responsibility for Placecloud, we at walk · listen · create have not sat still. There are still a number of smaller changes on the horizon, as well as tying up loose ends, but here’s a list of some of the changes we’ve implemented as of now:

  • We’ve reinstated the Placecloud blog. You’re looking at it now. It will allow us to keep you up-to-date on changes and updates.
  • We’ve brought back maps of viewpoints by individual creators. When viewing the card of a viewpoint, click the author, then click the button with the globe icon.
  • We’ve brought back maps of viewpoints by keyword. When viewing the card of a viewpoint, click a keyword to see the associated map.
  • We’ve brought back maps of viewpoints by book. When viewing the card of a viewpoint associated with a book, scroll down to the book, open the panel for the book by tapping the book, then press the globe icon to see all viewpoints associated with the book.
  • You can now create collections of viewpoints. When looking at a viewpoint, press the folder icon and manage a viewpoint’s collections. To see your collections, press the globe icon near the bottom of the screen, and select the collection you would like to view.
  • We’ve brought back accreditations. When a creator is accredited, their accreditation is shown next to their name when viewing the details of a viewpoint. This, because…
  • The submission process is now open to all. But accreditations need to be requested explicitly, while the first viewpoint from a contributor is vetted before being made public.
  • Placecloud started off as a subscription-based service. We are switching to a donation-based model. Users can reward creators through with tips. We take 30%, from which we (will try to) cover our expenses, like processing the moneys, 3rd party fees, hosting, etc.
  • Viewpoints created by accredited creators are highlighted when looking at maps; they are represented by an orange marker, as compared to a gray marker for viewpoints by creators who are not accredited.
  • We’ve brought back the ability to follow creators. Follow a creator from the map with their viewpoints. Access the creators you follow through the globe icon at the bottom of the screen. To follow a creator is to ‘bookmark’ them, because…
  • You can bookmark collections, tags, and books. Use the bookmark icon on the associated map, access the maps you’ve bookmarked through the globe icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • For all your bookmarks, you can see the number of new viewpoints since the last time you checked out a bookmarked.
  • You can share links to the maps of authors, collections, tags, and books. Use the copy icon on the map to generate a link which you can share anywhere.
  • The most recently added viewpoints are now available under the globe-icon near the bottom of the screen.
  • Also under the globe-icon you can now access a map with nearby viewpoints. You can recenter the map to load additional viewpoints. The map also shows your location (if you share your location with us).
  • You can again opt-in to receiving updates. You can turn this on by editing your profile. Updates include info on people that follow you, and updates to bookmarks (books, collections, tags, creators) you created.

Some smaller updates that need to be mentioned:

  • We’ve removed Google Analytics and replaced it with tracking via a self-hosted version of Matomo. This instance of Matomo is hosted by B’s projects, the company of Babak Fakhamzadeh, part of the team behind walk · listen · create.
  • We no longer use HotJar to track engagement, nor MixPanel to track usage.
  • We tweaked the design to make the interface work better on phones with small screens.
  • We will no longer support logging in with Facebook and PayPal. We have kept Twitter and intend to keep Google, though we are waiting for authentication/verification from the company formerly known to not-do-evil. We have added LinkedIn and Apple as login providers.
  • We have updated our T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

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