Christmas Cheer for Heritage Alliance Members

We’re delighted to offer Heritage Alliance members 50% off our Placecloud commission on street view tours ticket sales until the end of 2021, for those who sign up by midnight on Christmas Eve 2020. This is our way of offering support to the heritage sector after a torrid year.

What is a Placecloud street view tour? It is an online tour ‘inside’ Google Street View, with a live video stream, and a chatbox for Q&A and discussion. In other words, it’s a live virtual tour platform built specifically for exploring the built environment.

Tour participants can join from anywhere in the world, and feel, as one participant said of a previous tour, “… completely transported … I didn’t see the time pass.” In each tour, a group of like-minded people come together and revel in history and heritage for an hour or so. It’s extremely fun and life-affirming: the best possible kind of escapism.

It’s easy to create and run a street view tour. No special technological know-how is required: we’ve created an easy step-by-step tour builder, accessible immediately on signing up. Check out our FAQs for more info, and here are some guidelines on actually running tours.

By offering this discount, we hope to encourage Heritage Alliance members to make use of our platform as a new way of communicating heritage to their audiences, delighting them and earning revenue in the process. Whatever 2021 throws at us, pandemic or no, street view tours will continue to enable ‘virtual’ cultural travel.

To get started, simply apply to become a Placecloud expert via our Apply page, before midnight on Christmas Eve, to secure the discount for 2021. All Heritage Alliance members will be approved automatically. Once approved, you can start running tours immediately. We look forward to joining one of your tours very soon!

If you have any queries, do get in touch with me at [email protected]

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