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On viewpoints

What is a viewpoint?
Viewpoints are short (3-20 minutes) podcasts about places. Their purpose is to bring a place to life. They may contain knowledge, memory or imagination. Viewpoints can focus on many different fields and disciplines.

Who can make viewpoints on Placecloud?
Anyone! Simply log in, and off you go.

Do I need to be a tech-wiz to make viewpoints?
No, creating viewpoints is easy. Start by uploading an audio recording here, and then fill in a few forms.

Where do I find content to make viewpoints?
If you’re an expert on a particular topic, your own research would be a likely source for your material.
Alternatively, books, biographies, travel stories, literary nonfiction, are all excellent sources for good material.
Ultimately, the choice is yours.

What makes a good viewpoint?

  • It’s evergreen; if someone is listening to your viewpoint in 100 years, it still should make perfect sense.
  • Be aware of the quality of your recording; record under a duvet, or with professional hardware, or use a tool like Descript.
  • Niche is good; it’s more interesting to talk about something more obscure, than something more general.
  • Situate your story; Make the listener feel as if they’re at your location, with you: “We are standing in front of…”

Are viewpoints made at home or in a studio?
At home. Following some simple guidelines, it’s easy to make studio-grade audio recordings at home.

How do I make a viewpoint?
Go to this page, then either upload a recording, or record on the website. Then fill in a few forms, and you’re done.

How do I know if my location is covered by Google Street View
Viewpoints are enhanced by Google Street View. You can explore Google Street View, or ‘just’ add your viewpoint and see if you can find a matching street view.

Can viewpoints be changed once they are published?
You can edit everything in a viewpoint except the audio. If you need to change the audio, simply create a new viewpoint with the new audio file, and delete the old viewpoint.

On the business

What is Placecloud’s objective?
Our aim is to bring the the physical world to life by populating it with viewpoints, stories and knowledge about places, currently locked away in the minds of cultural experts, and you.

How do I receive accreditation
Everyone can submit viewpoints, but if you are an expert, you can request accreditation, which will then show with your profile and avatar. Request accreditation from your list of viewpoints.

How does Placecloud work?
Members create viewpoints and can group them in collections and routes.
Users listen to viewpoints, and can create their own collections.
Users can express their appreciation for the work of creators by tipping them.

Are experts paid for their viewpoints?
Not directly by Placecloud. But, users who listen to viewpoints are able to tip creators, where 70% of the tip goes to the creator. The remainder Placecloud uses to cover costs and expenses.

How does Placecloud make money?
Placecloud is managed by walk · listen · create, a non-profit registered in Belgium. Placecloud doesn’t need to be profitable, but it does need to be sustainable. walk · listen · create takes 30% of tips to cover costs and expenses.

On the website

How do I delete my account?
Simply email us at [email protected], and we’ll get you sorted.

How does this work?

Placecloud shows you sites of significance through short podcasts ("viewpoints"). We particularly value contributions from academics, writers, artists, certified city guides, and other experts.

How to enjoy Placecloud
  1. Have a look around in Street View . Check out the map  for context.
  2. Press , put your phone back in your pocket, and enjoy .
  3. If you like a place, press and it'll be saved in your places for a future visit.
  4. Move on to the next viewpoint when you're ready .
  5. Contribute your own viewpoints by pressing .

Read some more about Placecloud on our About page.

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